Dental Implants FAQ

1. What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium tooth root replacement. Implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth and restore your smile naturally. Implants bring back your natural smile by preventing bone loss, preserving teeth position, restoring the natural bite, enhancing aesthetics, and increasing “smile awareness and confidence”.


2. What is better, an implant or a bridge?

Dental implants provide a more advanced replacement technology for a missing tooth than a traditional bridge and are roughly the same price. Dental implants are more cost effective in the long run because they preserve the bone and adjacent teeth. On the average, a dental bridge will last 6-7 years. A dental implant can last 40 years or more.


3. How will implants make me look younger?

Even losing one tooth can cause bone loss. Bone loss in your jawbone can give you an older appearance. Dental implants create stimulation to the underlying bone, preserving bone mass and enhancing long-term esthetics.


4. Can I eat whatever I want?

Yes! Like natural teeth, your new teeth are strong, stable, and secure, so you can comfortably eat all your favorite foods – even popcorn and apples!


5. How long do implants last?

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution – often for life. Manufactured from titanium, dental implants provide a highly biocompatible surface, encouraging bone to attach to the implant during the healing process to ensure long-term results.


6. What implant system do you use?

We are partners with Biomet 3i Technologies. With 3i implants, a premier provider of dental implants in the United States, your beautiful new teeth will enable your smile, giving you back the confidence you may have lost and transform your life.


7. Can implants replace my dentures?

Absolutely, if you tired of your dentures moving around in your mouth, and think denture adhesive is bothersome, then a fixed denture replacement solution is perfect for you. Every time you get your denture relined, that material is replacing the bone that is melting away year after year. The solution is a dental implant bridge that is supported by two or more dental implants. Because the dental implants function like natural roots, the permanent dentures will feel very much like your natural teeth while they preserve your bone.


8. Are implants expensive?

Modern technology has drastically reduced the cost of dental implants, making the procedure affordable for most individuals. In addition, we offer treatment financing options to help you manage your treatment more effectively.


9. Does it hurt?

Placing an implant is a surgical procedure generally provided under local anesthesia. As an option for you, we offer conscious sedation to help you reduce anxiety and increase comfort. In most cases, you will be able to eat soft foods and return to work the day after the procedure.


10. I want an implant, what are the steps?

1. Examination – Meet with your general dentist and explore your options. If you are a candidate for a dental implant, your dentist will refer you to our doctors for a consultation. Your dentist may take an impression at this time. This will be sent to the lab to make a crown (your new tooth).

2. Implant Consultation – The oral surgeon will take a panoramic radiograph of your jawbone to assess the implant area. Our Doctors will go over your radiograph and medical history with you. The appropriate materials will be determined and your implant placement will be scheduled.

3. Implant Placement – Under local anesthesia or conscious sedation, your oral surgeon will place the dental implant. The entire procedure takes approximately an hour. In some cases, your dentist can have a “flipper” made to cover the missing tooth area until the crown is placed.

4. Crown Placement – Approximately three months following implant placement, the bone surrounding the implant will have “osseointegated” with the implant. At this time, the oral surgeon will uncover the implant and attach the healing abutment. Your dentist will then place the final abutment and crown (new tooth). In some cases the crown can be placed on the same day as the implant.

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