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Meet Parikh

Video Review

Dr. Parikh appreciates how well Dr. Lehman, Dr. Menis, and their staff communicates with her practice and patients.

Dr. Parikh's Story

"I refer my patients to Lehman and Menis Oral Surgery because I find peace in knowing that I know that my patients are going to go to gentle, sweet oral surgeons, and they’re going to get the best care. I really appreciate the fact that they not only communicate with me, but also communicate with the patient’s primary care physician to provide my patients with an overall great experience. Drs. Lehman and Menis are easy to work with. They staff here, they’re all very sweet, very personable. I feel extremely blessed knowing that I have this practice in my community. I will be referring my patients to Drs. Lehman and Menis for as long as I work anywhere in this area."

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