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Lehman & Menis Oral Surgery, conveniently located near Elgin, is recognized for its comprehensive oral surgery services and patient-centered approach. Our clinic is distinguished by its comprehensive oral surgery options, including advanced procedures like dental implants and wisdom teeth removal, all performed with cutting-edge technology. 

Our experienced surgeons are dedicated to providing each patient with personalized, comfortable, and effective care. Lehman & Menis near Elgin ensures you choose a team committed to oral health and overall satisfaction.

Why Do Patients Need Oral Surgery? 

Oral surgery is the solution when dental conditions extend beyond what routine check-ups and treatments can manage. It includes a range of procedures that address the symptoms and root causes of serious dental issues. Reasons for undergoing oral surgery include:


  • Removal of impacted teeth
  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants
  • Restoring lost bone and soft tissue for implant sites
  • Surgical correction of issues related to orthodontic treatment
  • Managing dental infections
  • Reconstruction after injury 

Oral surgery offers more than just relief from immediate discomfort; it enhances a person’s overall quality of life. By improving functionality and appearance, oral surgery procedures can help boost confidence and enable individuals to enjoy everyday activities without discomfort or self-consciousness. Addressing these complex issues can protect patients from future complications and contribute to their long-term oral and general health.

What Oral Surgery Procedures are Offered at Lehman & Menis Near Elgin?

At Lehman & Menis, we specialize in a comprehensive range of oral surgery procedures to address various dental health needs. Our offerings include:

  • Dental implants for replacing missing teeth with durable, natural-looking solutions 
  • Wisdom teeth removal to prevent complications such as impaction and infection
  • Complete arch restoration for patients needing extensive dental reconstruction
  • Bone grafting to ensure a solid foundation for implants or to combat bone loss
  • Impacted canine surgery to correct developmental issues with canine teeth
  • General tooth extractions for teeth that are beyond repair 

Each procedure is carried out with precision and care, leveraging the latest dental technology to ensure optimal results and patient satisfaction. We aim to provide personalized, effective treatment options that improve our patients' oral health and well-being.

Why Visit Lehman & Menis for Oral Surgery Needs Near Elgin?

Choosing Lehman & Menis for your oral surgery needs near Cary means entrusting your care to a highly skilled and compassionate professional team dedicated to excellence in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Our clinic is renowned for its patient-centered approach, ensuring each individual receives tailored treatment plans to address their specific needs effectively. 

From advanced dental implants to precise wisdom teeth extractions, we utilize the latest surgical techniques and technology to provide the highest standard of care. Our commitment to ongoing education and investment in cutting-edge equipment means our patients benefit from the most current treatment options. 

Additionally, our Spanish-speaking services ensure clear patient communication and a comfortable and inclusive environment. Our supportive and knowledgeable staff strive to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, making your surgical experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. At Lehman & Menis, we focus on solving immediate dental issues and enhancing your oral health and quality of life, making us the preferred choice for oral surgery near Cary.


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